Get To Know Us

Stefan (Dutch) and Marie (Filipino) met in Bangkok, Thailand, about 7 years ago. We fell in love, opened a successful fitness business and got married all in the same year!

6 years, 1 cat and 2 thriving fitness studios later we decided to sell it all and follow our dream to travel around the world on our motorbike (BMW GSA 1200 Triple Black)

Our journey started on the 3rd of June 2017 from Den Haag, Netherlands and we have been on the road ever since. You can visit our travel blog/website at:

We might take a couple of stops to visit home (Den Haag) to cuddle our adorable cat, Nikita, and for important events like Christmas, and such, while we are Europe but 90% of the time we are traveling 300-800km a day on our motorbike to reach a new destination.

And this brings us to our new venture....

Our "I Love Moto Travel" Shop

We want to share the gear and gadgets that have made our journey more fun and comfortable. 

Most of the products listed in this shop we have tried out for ourselves, while some of them, we wish we had because...well...they would be cool to have, but we ran out of room for more gadgets on our motorbike. But we thought you might like them and we wanted to share them with you too :D

So take a browse, shop around and perhaps you'll find something that suits your fancy...or is perfect for a friend that also loves travel, fitness and/or motorbikes.

Ride On, Stay Fit & Stay Safe,

Stefan & Marie

P.S. And oh yes, if there is something you are looking for, feel free to drop us a line at: with your product request (sample pictures would be great) and your intended budget and we'll do our best to get the product for you.

Thanks for visiting! :D :D :D