3L Hydration Backpack Perfect for long distance motorbike riding or cycling

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Ever been on a long ride and felt dehydrated because you ran out of drinking water?

Solve this problem by getting this durable 3 liter hydration backpack. It can hold enough water for you and your riding buddy. You can also add a bit of ice to make sure your water stays cool and fresh.

Choose from our 6 different color options. Grab it before our supply runs out!

>>>Also great for hunting, fishing, hiking etc. 

>>>It's a bit heavy for jogging or extremely active sports

Capacity: 3L
Size: 17cm*4cm*44.5cm / 6.69inch * 1.57inch * 17.51inch
6 Colors: Black, Khaki, Army Green, Dark Green Camouflage, Khaki Camouflage, Grey Camouflage